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 Ridge Gourd is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, zinc, iron, riboflavin, magnesium and thiamine. It is rich in dietary fiber. Ridge gourd is a vegetable that is usually less used when compared to other vegetables. It goes by various names like “Turai” in Hindi, “Jhinge” in Bengali, “Beerakaya” in Telugu and “Peerkangaai” in Tamil. It is a green fleshy vegetable having an inherently bland taste.  Many practitioners of naturopathy and traditional medicine also recommend the use of ridge gourd in the treatment of jaundice and other conditions that affect the liver. Including it in your diet is also believed to help treat ulcers and indigestion.

The main necessity to include ridge gourd is that it is inherently low in calories and is packed with dietary fibres that digest and absorb the fat properly. Now that means it'll keep you satiated for long, and prevent you from bingeing on junk food!

One more major benefit of eating ridge gourd is improved vision. A  lot of vitamin A in Ridge gourd is in the form of beta carotene which contributes to improving vision even at an older age. They help prevent macular degeneration, partial blindness and other eye diseases. Being a valuable antioxidant, beta keratin frees the nerves and visible blood vessels of the eye from toxins, thereby protecting the eyes from harmful free radicals.

You may not  have time to prepare dishes  with lengthy process using ridge gourd, Here is a  short & simple recipe of delicious ridge gourd curry. Have it regularly and be healthy.

    Incorporating ridge gourd as part of the daily diet in small portions in salads, juices, stir-fries, dals or curries works wonders in promoting blood flow to skin cells, remedying infections, acne, dark spots, for soft, clear and radiant skin.

    Apart from taking it in the diet , it  is also used as loofah which clears all the dead cells and provides a supple and glowing skin. The ridge gourd, which grows on a vine, takes 100 to 180 days to mature into a loofah sponge. The ridge gourd scrub can be used  gently all over the body & Rinse off. Hang on the wall to air dry  it and keep the Loofah safe and hygienic.
    Ridge gourd peel is used to prepare chutney in South Indian homes.  You can try after watching this.

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