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This blogpost deals about me and my science teacher and what helped me to score better marks in the same subject. This is for the weekly prompt :Nuggets of wisdom from a favourite teacher.

In my  high school days , I was much worried and bored in the science class as I'm not good at drawing. As you all know science exams demand diagrams along with answers. Even in the classroom also the teacher will explain an experiment by drawing  a diagram on the black board. She will then ask the students to copy the diagram and  dictate the notes .

I used to manage some how with regard to diagram in my science note book. But in the exam, only least number of marks were given to my diagram. With this my science score was only average.

While discussing answers and marks of one of the completed exams, science teacher gave some tips to improve my drawing skill. I did some effort but the outcome was not at all appreciable. She was upset with it .

One fine day my science teacher called me to the staff room and with my answer sheet in her hands, she in simple words said leave the diagrams and write well what  you know.

She helped to look at other questions which can be answered without a supporting  diagram. Example  are : the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration, manufacturing cement mortar, derivations, balance the equations, solve the problems and  periodic classification of elements etc.

From that time I started to focus on science with an improved interest and tried to involve in classroom discussions apart from diagrams.

My exam preparation was good, especially no worry about diagrams and losing marks on it. I tried to focus on the above said aspect  (questions)that no way needs any diagram. I  slowly found my self comfortable in both the exam and in the science class. My science answer sheets had  no diagrams but better marks.

I liked this approach towards science and my studies. I carried forward her advice "DO WHAT YOU KNOW WELL" through out my studies. 

From that incident and  her advice  after being promoted to other class also, Whenever I met her in the school  corridors or outside I use to feel a sense of happiness and loved to talk to her but it never happened.

She remained my favourite teacher for ever.

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