Thursday, 17 November 2022


 Writer's block is well experienced by many and  have tried different tips to handle the same. Some call it procrastination,  photographer and author Dane sanders says " whatever you call it, it stops people from writing even before they start."

In a piece in the NEW YORKER, JOHN McPhee suggests the trick of  typing Dear Mother to neuter the fear of the blank page. You could do that, or adapt it to Fear Dad, Hi bon, or Hey you. If you 're a marketing or business writer, you can adapt that approach by thinking of your favourite customer - and not some name less, faceless market segment. Keep a real person you either know or you can imagine knowing in mind. Some one you like, too, because you want to help this person.

McPhee's trick is also handy to use as a general approach, because it requires you to picture the reader on the receiving end of your writing as someone you know personally. Doing that helps relax your writing voice into sounding natural and loose and accessible.

In other words, by framing your writing as a conversation with someone specific, you become more... well, conversational.

These words of John McPhee are quite inspiring and interesting. Sharing with you all fellow bloggers what I read about writer's block is a start of a step towards the proper writing regime.

Hope it will be useful to you too to break the block & keep writing in full swing.


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