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Turkey berry is fondly called as "sundaikai" in Tamil is a popular household product with regard to the people of Tamil Nadu. If any day no stock of vegetables at home, sundaikai does all the work. 

Fresh green or dried brown it is immensely used in  Traditional Tamil cuisine. Fresh are used in sambhars, made into pickles (curd soaked)  and It is also used as  a vegetable to prepare curry.

where as the dried one are also added in sambhar but it is particularly used in KHADAMBAM (a variety rice prepared during the KANNUM pongal,-the next day of  Thai pongal) and Vatha kuzhambu (A spicy sambhar made without cooked dal).

 Sundakai is also made into powder  by grinding it together with roasted red chillies and urad dal.

Here is the recipe of turkey berry sambhar : :

 Scientifically it is proved that Sundakai /turkey berries are typically tangy and bitter, they are great to control blood sugar levels, and prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes. Turkey berries boost the body's immunity from common ailments like cold, cough and the flu. 

 It is renowned for its valuable properties, particularly in healing stomach aches and for efficiently breaking a fast, enhancing digestion, being widely documented in traditional Indian medical systems, in ancient Ayurveda and Siddha manuscripts.

Many grow their own turkey berry's in their terrace garden in the  Chennai city and take it as a medicine to fight against diabetics. It is has lot of health benefits and consuming it has shown good results in cure of certain ailments. It is strictly believed  that sundaikai is good for health and  good to taste too that's why it is highly encouraged to include in the cooking.

These days sundaikai is available on line, It can be simply fried in the oil and add as a seasoning to the sambhar and it will work wonders. Buy it here  :

If you are a first timer using it, just add less salt in the sambhar than your usual measure because few sundakai are added salt and  then dried. Keep this in mind to avoid your sambhar becoming too salty. You can use it for a long time  if you Store it in an air tight container in  a cool and dry place .

Include it in your diet and reap the benefits.

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