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Navrathri is a festival that is more related towards art, d├ęcor, music and fine arts apart from dolls and other regular activities of the festival.

People interested in art works create their own works of origami and display it along with the dolls. Many also showcase wall hangings made of paper and cloth.

The wooden planks or iron racks on which the dolls are arranged is set up according to the number of dolls and the hall size. These planks and racks are usually covered with white cloth. But many use materials with thread work or silk sarees to cover the rack.

Upon these the dolls are arranged basing on the






Or in the traditional pattern (God and Goddess are placed first and then the humans followed by Animals and birds.)

For the Golu – the arrangement of dolls is decorated with lightings of small bulb (serial lights), Dome lamps, and the famous Auroville lamps. Still many feel best to present  the traditional form of Kutthuvillakkku - lamp stand made of sliver or brass. More towards nature‘s craft earthen lamps are also occasionally used during this festival of nine days. Candles too are included in the thematic presentations.


In the dolls also, there is  a set of wooden dolls (a pair – couple)  will be on display in almost all the house- holds of Tamil Nadu. It’s a gift normally given to the newly wed on their first navarathri festival. The couple will be dressed in the traditional attire of Tamil Nadu.

It is a craft that dates back to Chola period. It is called as  the Marapachi bommai.  “Made in teak or rose wood, Marapachi depicts a husband and wife symbolising prosperity and fertility,” and it is  always preserved for generations.

Then comes Rangoli in front of the Golu. Every one will try to make their Golu different in every way. Specializing the rangoli many try to present the seed bead craft   rather than the most popular rice flour and color one.


Like these the display of art and craft is visible through out the festive season. This festival brings out  in many the hidden artistic skills and works as a nice platform to learn share and appreciate the art works.



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