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It is also a testament to the fact that not all self –published books are necessarily below par said Sharmila Ribeiro in an interview with Meghna Majumdar.

You might think why I’m sharing about this now. It all began when I was going through my old records where I found a paper cutting which I kept to add it to my scrap book.

The paper cutting was folded and it got stuck inside the book all these days. When after 4 years I was planning to check the condition of my old records this paper cutting popped up and it reminded me of the cook book author and her statement about self -publishing.

Sharmila Ribeiro is an author of a cook book: EVERYDAY LOVE: A MOTHER’S GUIDE TO HEALTHY COOKING FOR KIDS. She is a winner of the family cook book category at the Gourmand World Cook book Awards conference, 2018 in China.

Ribeiro says she never approached a publisher with her work; self –publishing was her go to choice for a reason. She and her team handled everything from layout to printing. Their efforts were fruitful. This brings us to focus on the four major pillars of this book.


·  TOPIC : The topic of the book was highly relevant and it met an urgent need of a nutritious diet for the kids

·   TITLE: The title of the book was perfect. Who other than a mother care the most for her children’s diet?

·   COVER AND DESIGN: The cover of the book with pictures of vegetables is a symbolic representation of the content inside. The colour and the pattern of vegetables were like the ones drawn by the children which assure that the focus of the book is on children.

·    PUBLISHING: Self –publishing paved way to bring the book the way she wanted.


The award though meant for her alone but it has also turned many to work towards self -publishing and also ensured that self –published books are also being considered for awards these days not like earlier times.

While almost all self-published books do not make much money, there are dozens of self-published books that have broken through to huge audiences and success, and which get much media attention. The number of authors who have sold more than one million e-books on Amazon from 2011 to 2016 was 40, according to one estimate states the Wikipedia

Go with your creative flow and bring out the best author in you and flag off with self –publishing.

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