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On the historical event of the 75th  Indian Independence day celebrations , I was happen to read a blogpost in the Blogchatter's bestorified section. It dealt with the unique features of our country . Read the full article here :

One among the special features mentioned in the article was about Yoga. I thought to present a write up on the importance and benefits of yoga. It's a India's contribution for the well being of all around the world.

There are many ways to stay healthy and combat stress. Long before television was used to advertise ways to grow healthier, there was yoga to aid people in their desire to be healthier. People who practice yoga will tell you to turn off the TV, Grab something soft to sit on, and get ready to become healthier and say goodbye to stress.

Some people describe yoga as an ancient method of physical and mental exercises that can be practised anywhere. Unlike many other forms of exercise, yoga does not require any gadgets. People who use yoga to grow healthier can do so by simply wearing some comfortable clothes and using a blanket to do their training on. Yoga is practised by all kinds of people. You do not have to be big or small, young or old, a great athlete or a non-athlete. You do not need balls, gloves, expensive shoes, or anything with wheels to practice yoga. Everyone can practice it. You can also practice by yourself or with a group, indoors or out.

 Yoga teachers tell you that yoga is a series of physical exercises that use the body and mind to create harmony and health within yourself. Yoga allows you to gain strength, calmness and flexibility while relieving stress and tension from your body. About 2000 years ago in India, a wise man, Patanjali, outlined the system for yoga. In his writings, he explains how yoga tackles both physical and emotional aliments. Yoga not only can help you recover from a  physical condition, such a bad back, asthma, or high blood pressure, but it also can help those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression. Yoga can do what all those items you see on late night television claim to do, and you do not have to buy anything to get started.

 In this new age of technology, you know that “stress” is capable of causing problems with your health and in your life. Clearly, stress begins with the moment of birth. You spend your life adjusting to stress. Yoga, by disciplining the body and the mind, provides you with a very sophisticated and effective way to curb the effects of stress. Today, as you worry about everything from grades to terrorism, stress can take its toll. May be you do not need to add stress by trying to decide which television product to buy to make you healthy. By practising yoga, stress is minimised, and you can get back to the business of getting and staying healthy.  If you have not already done, you might want to learn more about yoga as a way to improve your health.

One more interesting blogpost I read today was  TRULY...UNITY IN DIVERSITY : , it's a interesting write up  dealing with the magnificent aspect of unity in diversity in India.  Don't miss it, it makes an enjoyable read. I  thought to share these two best articles I read today as they both will make you feel so special for being an Indian. It is a way of celebrating  about our country on our 75th Independence day. 

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