Tuesday, 12 July 2022


What is your name?

How old are you?

In which class are your studying?

 Were normally the questions asked to us when we were kids and the same we ask when we meet a kid now. But the poem "How Old Are you" by Terry Godwin made to think and realise the importance of this question as we age .

The need to evaluate the time gone by with the yardstick of love, happiness, family and friends and the quality time spent , and the good deeds done but not just with the time , days, months and years passed by. Its worth to have  a focus on the steps and actions to help others and count on what you did ?.

This poem is finely written and it suggests a beautiful way to look at life. Read it below:

Terry Godwin Poem

How old are you

Count not the time you have lived including today,
Not by the clock, in whose time you did love, work and play.
Count the times the joy and happiness to many you have brought,
Giving praise, encouragement, joy, to those when sad and distraught.

Value it by the time with loved ones and friends you have shared.
Treasure the time when you loved your closest and friends and truly cared.
Think of the good things you are going to give, do or say.
For you and many, your kindness  will make it a great day.

Time goes quicker as the aged  and ancients will confirm and know.
We pray we are healthy, not alone, happy when our time has come to go.   
The age you feel now often depends on the happiness in your heart,
Let the world remember you with a smile when you finally depart.

 How long will you live? How old are you now?
Only fate and you can decide when you take your final bow.
Count the happy memories however large or small,
When you helped, gave love, with content walked tall.

Love the world and it will love you back too,
You will live longer, be happier, now you have your cue.
This way you could be in for a long and happy bat.
Only you can decide, life is as simple as that.

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