Saturday, 21 May 2022


 For the visitors, Tripura is a bundle full of surprises. Its cross-cultural ethnic diversity, its ancient temples, its vast tracts of natural beauty and its rich traditions of handicrafts are tempting enough to draw the discerning holiday maker.

During  the trip to Tripura, not to miss is the two attractive wildlife sanctuaries:

SIPAHIJALA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY : The vast colony of residential and migratory birds makes Sipahijala wildlife sanctuary a lively attraction for bird watchers. Just 30 kms away from Agartala, it covers an area of 18.53 sq. Km. In addition to this, its orchid garden and botanical garden unfailingly lure the visitors who come to enjoy a spin around the lake in a boat or take a joy ride in the toy train. It's ideally located to soak in those spectacular views of the coffee and rubber plantations. There are a few tourist cottages in the sanctuary.

TRISHNA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY : The bison and great residential and migratory bird population are the great  attraction for visitors at the TRISHNA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, situated about 100 km from Agartala. It is also home to the Hoolock Gibbon, Golden Langur and Capped Langur.

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