Monday 28 March 2022


 One of the most celebrated writers of our time, VIKRAM SETH is the author of three novels, including  A SUITABLE BOY, widely regarded as a modern classic, and two works of non-fiction. He has also written seven books of poetry, which include an opera libretto and a book of other libretti. He divides his between the UK and India.

''Beastly Tales from Here and There" is a master piece of poetry presenting the age old fables like the crocodile and the monkey, the hare and the tortoise from India along with  a two from China, two from Greece, two from Ukraine, and two, the author tell us, directly "from the land of Gup"

The author exhibits his poetical skills profoundly with metaphors, analogies, humour and satire. Though some are very well known fables, the diction makes us keep moving and urges to read further and complete the book.

Finding the known fables in the poetic form doubles the joy of reading and makes the readers to recollect the old memories associated with the fables.

Author has made an nice attempt to encourage reading poetry through his rework on the famous fables. With the change in the form of pattern of writing from prose to poetry the fables got an additional glow.

Here are few lines:

Now Kuroop the crocodile  

Lost, then quickly found, his smile.

"How my sweetheart will upbraid me!

Monkey, monkey- you must aid me."

"Well...."-the monkey placed his paw

Thoughtfully upon his jaw-

"Well, although the day is hot

And I'd really rather not-

We could go back, fetch my heart,

Check its sweetness, and depart." 

Ravi Shankar's illustrations make a perfect accompaniment to this collection. All the ten fables in the book are fantastic and it makes a good collection for both the young and the old. This book is a definite recommendation for all poetry lovers. It will make you read again and again. 

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  1. Seth is fantastic. The way he retells those old stories in poetic forms is just superb without parallel.



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