Monday, 24 May 2021


 1. ROSSETTI said that Pope's was "a prose style twisted into verse".

 2. POPE said  "All our knowledge is ourselves to know".

 3. POPE said, "The proper study of mankind is man."

 4. Swift praised ANCIENTS for "sweetness and light".

5.  "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread." This epigram is found in "Essay on criticism"

6. Swift said that "Pope can fix in one couplet more sense than I can do in six." 

7. Goldsmith's essays were originally published as "Chinese Letters"

8. Fielding's JOSEPH ANDREWS is a comic epic in prose

9. Smollett's novel THE EXPEDITION OF HUMPHRY CLINKER is a Stream -of - Consciousness.

10. "This casket India's glowing gems unlocks,/ And all Arbia breathes from yonder box.'' These lines appear in ''The Rape of the Lock.''

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