Thursday, 29 April 2021


The writer from Jamnagar has crafted a warm &comforting book with words of soft wool knitted with positive energy to strengthen us from inside during this pandemic. The book’s title itself is so encouraging to live the life to the fullest. The title so impressed me that I bought the book immediately & read it within a day.

The Eighty –six year old Author shares with us the advice given by his father to him and how he adhered to it – “Paddle your own Canoe”.


This Haiku can be found in the book:

Rhododendrons greet you

Come again

The trees are still the same

 The Author happily talks about his hair style, Baggie pants, and also about his lucky horse shoe. His favourite meal is breakfast, a perfect start to a perfect day. Ruskin encourages to grow plants (like tomatoes), it’s is a good thing to watch them grow or evolve & creates much hope in lives.

 The Padma Shri Awardee writer’s writing spot being near a window in his house, he is everyday presented with rare activities of Animals around. The window opens up to have a dynamic view of Nature in all forms.

 Ruskin is in his best about carefully describing or putting into words the beauty of the hills, his walks, and the places he visited etc.  He has fond memories of his Radio talks, DD programme (EK Tha Rusty), cosmos flowers & cock. I quote from page 65 of the book: “And to this day I like the sound of a cock crowing at break of day, because this was one of the first sounds that impinged on my brain when I was a child. A cock crowing at dawn. Harbinger of light, of optimism. ‘Great day! Great day! It seems to say. And it will not be denied.”

 This book It’s a Wonderful Life Roads to Happiness truly guides and suggest to develop a right attitude toward everything we see.

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