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Word weavers is an online magazine dedicated towards  poetry &short fiction. ( Since its inception in 2009, its doing  a tremendous job in bringing out the best in every writer. Word weavers is Annually organising competitions in poetry,  prose, drabble and haiku. Now wordweavers is presenting its new form as a "PRINTED MAGAZINE" publishing the best from its competitions held since 2014. The Anthology of 2014-15 can be purchased by dropping an e-mail to escribes publications. The other anthologies of  the years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 &2020 can be purchased at

I purchased the Anthology of wordweavers 2015, as one of my poem is shortlisted in that year's competition and now the poem is part of this printed Magazine too. Along with a big enthusiasm to see my poem in printed form, I was fortunate enough to go through the works of 108 writers. 
This Anthology carries Longlisted &shortlisted poets, Prose 500  Longlist &featured writers, Drabble Longlist, shortlist, winner & featured writers, 55 Fiction 2015 winner, featured writers, Longlist &short list. The book is of 102 pages,  Editor : Ashwini Gopal Muley, published by Escribes publications.

Poetry says Shelley, "In a general sense may be defined as the expression of the imagination"(Defence of Poetry); it is says Hazlitt, the language of the imagination and the passions"(Lectures on the English Poets); says Leigh Hunt, "the utterance of a passion for truth, beauty, and power, embodying and illustrating its conceptions by imagination and fancy, and modulating its language on the principal of variety in unity."(Imagination and Fancy) .Like these various definitions of poetry, this book unfolds poems of different dimensions.

In this  one book itself we have a chance to read multiple forms of Literature. Drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length.  The purpose of the Drabble is to test the Author's ability to express  interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.  William Shakespeare's words "Brevity is the soul of wit" stands by this . Untitled  (Drabble) by Yesha Shah is so touching. Hats off .

Short fictions are simple to read with clear message. I quote from page 55 of this book "How wonderful would it be to have genuine kindness and warmth permeate the world to such an extent that the phrase "being human" becomes synonymous with actual living and not just the organisation that we associate it with today!" 

This anthology is a potpourri of ideas, imaginations and passions. Really it makes a happy and Good read. The book would have been more special with a preface or Editor's note rather than just opening the book to an Index page.


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