Wednesday, 20 January 2021


1.    Proto-Indo-European is regarded as the “Great Grand-mother“ of the Indo-European languages.

2.    English Language belongs to the branch of Germanic languages.

3.    English was initially the language of the Tribes of the Angles.

4.    Old English have Four Dialects: Northunibrairi, Mercian, West Saxon and Kentish.

5.    Modern English is called an “Analytic Language”. It means that it has one morpheme.

6.    The Parker Chronicle is “the oldest historical prose in any Germanic language.”

7.    The maximum change that took place in language during the course of time is in speech.

8.    Growth and structure of the English Language (1905) was written by Otto Jesperson

9.    People who study the history of language are called philologists.

10. The English Pronunciation Dictionary was prepared by Daniel Jones.


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