Tuesday, 3 March 2020


1.     G.M. Hopkins discovered the terms “inscape” and “in stress.”
2.     The term “epiphany” was coined by James Joyce
3.     The term “medievalism’’ was first used by Ruskin
4.     Martin Esslin coined the term THE THEATER OF THE ABSURD in 1961
5.     The term THE THEATER OF THE ABSURD was philosophically based on MYTH OF SISYPHUS
6.     Benjamin constant coined the phrase “I art Pour I’ art’’?
7.     Ruskin coined the phrase ‘pathetic fallacy’.
8.     Milton coined the term, ‘sensuousness’
9.     Ted Nelson coined the term ‘hypertext’
10. Jacques Derrida coined the term ‘Difference’, ‘deconstruction’ and “aporia”.
11. H.P. Griel coined the phrase ‘ communicative presumption’
12. J. C. Ransom is associated with the terms ‘structure’ and  ‘texture’
13. T.S. Eliot coined the phrase ‘objective corelative’, “Dissociation of sensibility’’ and “Unification of sensibility.”
14. Julia Kristeva coined the term “intertextuality”
15. Stephen Greenblatt coined the term “new historicism”
16.  The phrase “Willing suspension of disbelief” was coined by Coleridge
17.  “Style is the man”, a phrase coined by pater.
18.   J.C. Ransom is associated with the terms “structure” and ‘texture”
19.  Allan Tate is associated with the terms “tension,” “extension” and “intention.”
20.  Stanley Fish used the term “Interpretive communities”.

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