Monday, 6 January 2020


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*First of all arrange books in shelves according to their size, so that maximum books can be arranged in a small space

* Dust the books and the shelves with an old cloth to remove accumulated waste particles.

* Try to have enough space between the rows of the books. Don’t load too much books in one row. Adjust the number of book in the row basing on the space.

 *Check each and every book for tear or damage. Make it safe with the help of a cello phane tape or stick it with gum or other adhesive.

·        *  For the damage in the outer part of the book cover it with wrapper or transparent sheets. If the damage is of high level, binding is the better option.

·       *   If pest control is already done to your house, the chances of bugs and other insects remain very low.

·      *    If the book shelf is made of wood, then to go for varnishing to avoid termite. It is the best way to safe guard both the shelf and the books.

·       *  If a book is damaged in any way, keep it aside and never place it along with other books.

·         * Take out the books from shelves frequently and don’t leave it unattended for a long time.

·       *   Never pull a book from the middle of a row, Chances of tearing or damage is high. Take out one by one.

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