Friday, 8 November 2019


Sweet sauces and syrups or dessert sauce are used as toppings as part of the recipe or done as a Garnish. Sauce, bread crumbs whipped cream, candies, chocolate chips, mochi, chopped nuts are generally used toppings.
Dessert sauces may be cooked or un cooked. Sauces are added on top of the dessert.  The Foundation of sweet sauces for hot or cold desserts are either light vanilla cream, fruit jam, marmalade or syrup.

  For desserts, Syrups are usually slightly thickened with arrowroot or corn starch and may be flavoured with spirits or liqueurs. Simple syrup is ordinary sugar boiled up with water.

Commercial fruit syrups are the juice of fresh fruit heavily sweetened and concentrated.  

HARD SAUCE: This is served chiefly for plum or similar pudding, Butter creamed with sugar, a little cream added, flavoured generously with brandy.
CARAMEL:  made like English sauce with sugar burnt to caramel or thickened syrup mixed with caramel. Boiled up with a little cream and butter
CHOCOLATE: chocolate dissolved with water, a little vanilla sugar added, cooked, finished off before serving with cream and a small piece of butter.

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