Saturday, 23 November 2019


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Personal hygiene is a must for a healthy and happy living. With a heavy raise in the pollution levels the chances of allergies, infections and illness has also increased.  With few hygienic practices, we can keep infections at bay. Here are they:

·         Take bath in the morning and as well as you get back home from office.  Encourage children also to do the same after school or completing sports activities.

·         Try to wear facial mask when you leave your home or carry hand kerchiefs or tissues.

·         Make it a strict routine at home to use hand wash liquids before and after the use of wash rooms

·         Have short nails and Don’t touch any eatables with soiled hands.

·         Use sanitizer before handling medicines and eye drops. Use cotton swabs to clean your ears. Don’t use any other sharp objects.

·           Wash your hair with a medicated shampoo and comb it well. Surely cover your hairs when cooking or serving food.

·         Wear clean and dry clothes. Never wear tight clothes. Don’t use unwashed clothing

·         Brush twice a day and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

·         Use cotton swabs to clean your ears. Don’t use any other sharp objects.

·         If you develop sore throat, cold and cough or sneezing or any discomfort, consult a physician

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