Monday, 4 November 2019


Language is the important medium of communication. There are about many different languages worldwide. In a language there is a particular word for conveying a definite meaning. In spite of this, the use of foreign language in between has become a norm. In such a way the LATIN language is used, while speaking English. Here are the few commonly used words from Latin language:

am (ante meridiem) = Before noon

bona fide =  in good faith

contra = against

errata = an error in printing

etc. (et cetera) = and the rest, and so on.

Ex gratia = as a favour or good will

Modus operandi = plan of working

p.a. (per annum) = each year

per cent (per centum) = in every hundred

pm (post meridiem) = afternoon

sine die = indefinitely, without a day

status quo= the same state as now

vice versa = the position being reversed

viva voce = oral academic exam

viz = by substitution, namely

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