Saturday, 30 November 2019


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Every season has its own effects. Now the winter is on, escape from hot sultry sun. Now a days , the days are short and nights are long. Mild sun, cold winds, fog and smog on its way, Temperatures below normal and compelling us to take out sweaters, mufflers, scarves and blankets. Its always better to take good care of ourselves and our family. This winter

·         Don’t forget to use mask, to cover your nose and mouth. The smog around us is taking toll on our health. Safe guard your selves from dust and dirt.

·         Dry skin is the major problem in this season. Use moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly or coconut oil which ever  is best suited to you. This prevents dryness and keeps your skin healthy.

·         Include Amla in your diet, the best source of Vitamin C, a rich antioxidant that will guard you against cold and cough. In the same way, add pepper in your cooking, this helps to build more immunity against diseases. Make Badam a part of your snacks along with fresh fruits. Its  a good source of Vitamin E.

·         Try to wear full sleeve clothes, as this will keep your warm and will also protect you against mosquitoes. Though there is no sweating like summer, it’s a big necessity to take bath twice a day to avoid bacterial infections.

·         Keep necessary medicines handy especially for children and aged people at home.  If Fever, cough and cold starts, take an appointment with Doctor and take preventive measure to avoid further complications.

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