Thursday 21 November 2019


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Whenever you feel sick or down due to some illness, visit the doctor immediately.  Taking medicines on your own or with old prescription will not work all the time. The condition may not be the same. Change in age and other health conditions need to be monitored

Don’t post pone the visit. This may aggravate the problem rather than solving it.Take medicines upon doctor’s advice. Don’t take over the counter medicines.Consume those medicines as directed by Doctor like before or after food, number of times per day. Don’t take extra dose or try to lessen it. Stick to it and you will be normal soon.

 Never take medicines basing on others prescription assuming that both of your conditions are same. Though it may look similar from outside, but actually it is not.  The Doctor prescribes medicines considering the patient’s Body temperature, sugar levels and blood pressure apart from age, sex, height and weight. The prescriptions definitely vary from one another.

In the same way never compare medical reports, don’t try to read those and misinterpret. From the lab, take the reports to the Doctor and let him finalise and advice you. The ranges recorded in reports or levels mentioned in them are in General. It may vary due to many factors and medical conditions.

By  following these above said tips, its definite that you are towards a healthy life without confusion and tensions.

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