Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Weekends are welcome break from the hectic routines and obviously they are absolutely SPECIAL. If the working days settle by 5 days, its really so soothing, comfortable and relaxing to enjoy the weekends. If at times the working days turn to 6 days a week, the one day left and the free day SUNDAY is surely a day to refresh, and repair ourselves from the effects of the tight schedule of the business days

Weekends are spent in a leisurely way by switching to “”no hurry style”” from waking up and having breakfast. High bath, laundry, special lunch, attending music concerts or book release functions, meeting friends,  making time for  a nice nap, shopping, e t c  among these, few find  allotted  bit extra time than the regular days.

Many use these weekends to plan their week ahead and also try to complete the household works that are left behind. Weekends help to have a quality family time. But it depends on the priorities of the individual. For me the sounds of the words weekend or Saturday, Sunday itself is a delight and brings in a lot of happiness and joy. For these days also I make plans and try to clear the plan of action.  Attending music class, ironing, watching a movie in the TV, replying personal mails and going out in the evening do find   definite place in my weekends apart from other activities. What’s more satisfying to me is that I don’t need to run behind the clock in these days.  I try to complete the work and  take rest.

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