Friday 6 September 2019


                                                      3rd Blog Anniversary🎈🎈🎈

Blogging is an experience that provides a definite chance of learning. Blogging becomes engaging with active practice. Regularity is the key element of blogging. Before choosing a subject to blog with,it is highly necessary to carry out a thorough  analysis and examination of the concept. Acquiring in depth knowledge aids in presenting a meaning full blog post.
Book food language .blog spot. in completes its three years to this date. It started off with few blog posts and now it reached a milestone of  256 blog post under 10 different labels. Among these a few  blog post were accepted and published as featured post in websites like women's web,indiblogger and writerly words.
Writer's melon a website provides opportunity  to present Book Reviews by providing free review copy of the book.(hard copy). In the same way Net Galley do supports reviewers  and bloggers by issuing PDF form of the various newly released books. Apart from these sources, reviews were presented to the authors upon their review request through mail. This blog's book review section grows with these supporters.
Poems from this blog were also included in many poetry contests conducted by poetry soup and word weavers.In these three years of blogging , three major tricks that needs to be handled for a better blogging experience:

1. Patience: Bloggers need to have loads of patience to face the challenges of the blogging world. Especially the beginners have to acquire this skill of patience. Read a lot and write a lot in order to get  a simple and clean blog post. In the Initial stages of blogging your blog post may not fetch you any votes and comments or likes. Try to write a lengthy post with more information on the subject. There are many nuances in writing a best blog post. bloggers need to focus starting with the title of the blog post, content, the subject , tag line, links, style of writing ,font size, images etc. Bloggers should  try hard to come up in the blogosphere.
2. Connection : Bloggers need to connect with like minded people and try to find readers. It helps to analyse  and write blog post with target audience in mind. There are many social media handles that helps to connect with larger audience. connect with these media and build your blog with good traffic.  Read others blogs and try to connect with them.
3. Rejection : Bloggers must be ready and make themselves prepared to face rejection.  Bloggers may not be able to identify or find mistakes in their blog post. But the Editors ,do find ample mistakes in it. It may be as small as a spelling mistake or an error in the information provided in the blog spot. Give your best in the next blogpost by gathering exact and clear information. Instead of worrying over rejection, its always best to move forward and work  towards acceptance.

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