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                                            image of riding a two wheeler wearing a helmet के लिए इमेज परिणाम

“Start early, go slowly &reach safely” is the best deal of the day, whether you drive alone or with your family, either to office, school or on a vacation. “Safety first”- should be the norm at all the times. Here is a list of safety measures for both the two wheelers &cars….  

·       Don’t forget to wear your helmet, when riding a two wheeler.

·       Footpaths are meant for walking; they are not a space to manoeuvre two wheelers to cut through traffic.

·       When a vehicle shows an indicator to turn left or right, it’s a sign for other motorists to slow down and give way, not to race ahead and see if one can hamper their chance of taking the turn.

·       Driving into the opposite lane is hazardous to you and other commuters &walkers; it can be fatal.

·       Look in front and drive. There is really no need to turn back, bend and peer into autos or cars.

·       There’s only so much one can move when caught in bumper to bumper traffic. Honking incessantly will not help.

·       Avoid cell phones while driving, in case of emergency use hands free device.

·       Never start your car without wearing seat belt. 

·       Before beginning a long drive, always get enough sleep and eat something before you go.

·       Pull over and take breaks every couple of hours’, even if you don’t feel sleepy. Grab a snack, get some fresh air, and stretch your legs by walking around. If you need to, take a quick nap.

·       If you are driving alone, turn on the radio or put on some music, and keep your window cracked open.

·        Never drink alcohol before your trip

·       Familiarise yourself with local traffic laws, which vary from state to state.

·       Before setting off on a long car trip, be sure your vehicle is in prime condition.

·       Keep costs down by conserving gas as you drive. Minimise sudden starts and stops, empty your car of all unnecessary weight, and slow down- it takes much less fuel to drive 55 miles an hour than it does to drive 70.

·       Don’t wait until your gas gauge is sitting on E to refuel. On an unfamiliar road, you never know when the next gas station will appear; as soon as you hit a quarter of a tank, start looking for a place to fill up.

·       Keep an eye on the skies, and if you can, plan a route around inclement weather. A minor detour could actually wind up saving you major time.

·       Search the web for traffic update sites and listen to radio traffic alerts, especially when approaching major cities. If you don’t have a smart phone, all news stations on the AM dial is often your best bet.

·       A mapping app on your smart phone is another must have for long road trips.

·       If you are driving a rental vehicle, familiarize yourself with the car and all of its equipment. (Horn, brake, &lights)

·       Always carry with you a first aid kit, flash light, pillow and blanket. Keep a set of jumper cables, a spare tyre and extra fluids for the car. 

driving a car wearing a seat belt image के लिए इमेज परिणाम  

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