Monday, 8 January 2018


                                          image of laughing के लिए इमेज परिणाम

New year has set in with much bang and a week passed by, many of us made many resolutions and sure to follow it without fail. LOL is a must in the new year resolution, let’s see what it is?

Most of us give much focus on the weight loss through eating right food in a right amount in a right time. YES, indeed it’s always pays good results. The resolutions vary from person to person basing on their requirements which in turn depends on their age, lifestyle and health issues. Irrespective of any variations, this LOL is sure to make you more happier, healthier and hot.

LOL is laugh out loud, Laughter is treated as a therapy now a days, to make people feel less  tense and be calm and cool. Laughter not only boosts energy levels but also helps you to relax.   In addition to this:

-          10 to 15 minutes of laughter burns about 50 calories.

-          It reduces stress and even stimulates blood flow.

-          Laughter is said to result in better sleep, according to studies.

-          A study says 15 minutes of laughter increases pain threshold by 10 per cent.

-          It is also believed that laughter boosts your immune system.

This New Year can be more fruitful, if you can work hard to include this LOL in your bucket list. If this is done as a group activity, it brings more joy and the total mood of the area will get set with huge laughter. One who can’t go out or unable to join the group due to timings, they can start with:

-          Watching a comic video or any comedy channel in the TV set

-          Read  favourite authors comedy novels

-          Buy jokes books in  mother tongue and enjoy reading it loud.

-          Take up Daily Newspaper and go through their cartoon or joke columns

-          Share all comedy information or jokes with  friends through what’s APP or SMS every day.

-          Make it a routine among  friends to discuss any funny things of  childhood.

All these can assist one to promote themselves to laughter and this in turn will bring more humour in their lives. “Laughter is the best medicine” stated in the ancient times itself. At least we should realise it now and follow for our better living.

                                        image of laughing के लिए इमेज परिणाम

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