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                                               image of a wedding buffet के लिए इमेज परिणाम                               

Wedding is a big event in the family and the Wedding reception gets more attention as many other than the family attend, which demands more perfect and impressive way of receiving &serving the guest. The joy and the happiness should not mar under any circumstances due to a wrongly made service.

The team of organiser will check all the requirements beforehand to avoid last minute rush. Now a days even the host is more alert to confirm about all the arrangements that are being carried out basing on their theme, style and other specific needs. Extra care is a must in the buffet section too, after the suitable menu is finalised, the method of service is also decided &it is done under close supervision. Here are some of the points that seek definite attention before the buffet gets started…..

@ The buffet itself should be placed in such a position that it is on view to all guests as they enter the room, but within easy access of the service doors for ease of clearing and re stocking.

                                       arrangement of tables and chairs in a buffet के लिए इमेज परिणाम

@The buffet should be clothed up correctly in that the buffet cloth should reach the floor and both ends should be boxed neatly.

@Behind the buffet and in the service areas duck-boards may be used on canvas to avoid walking on wet ground or in mud and carrying it into the main part of the marquee.

@The buffet may be spilt into three sections for ease of service of food, alcoholic & non -alcoholic beverages.

@ The food should be presented appetisingly and attractively on the buffet and the cutlery, flatware &china required should be placed conveniently near the service points and in a decorative manner.

@The section set up for the service of beverages like tea,& coffee should have all the relevant equipment close to hand.

@The section of alcoholic &non-alcoholic drinks must have all the correct size glasses for the drinks to be served. Plus ice buckets for white, sparkling and rose wines to be chilled.

@Service salvers, waiter’s cloths and all the ancillary equipment required for mixing drinks and cocktails should be ready so as to provide correct form of service.

                                            image of floral arrangements in wedding buffet के लिए इमेज परिणाम

@The floral arrangements are an important aspect of the decoration and helps show off the room to best effect. A large centre piece of flowers may be placed in the centre of the buffet and other smaller arrangements of flowers placed  at intervals around the room on the occasional tables.

@The front of the buffet cloth may be decorated with some greenery, one may also use purpose made pleating to enhance the front and overall appearance of the buffet. This pleating may be purchased in a variety of colours.

                              image of wedding cake के लिए इमेज परिणाम
@The wedding cake may be used as a separate focal point away from buffet and should be placed upon its stand with a knife on a special table clothed –up for the purpose.

@ This is a very important aspect of the dressing of the room, as the main formalities of the function take place at a certain stage of the proceedings, around the wedding cake. It must therefore be in full view to everyone in the room.

@ The bride’s and the bridegroom’s banquets are often placed on the table around the base of the wedding cake, together with any telegrams of congratulations that are to be read.

                                     image of a wedding buffet के लिए इमेज परिणाम

@ occasional tables should be placed at regular intervals around the room and clothed up in a suitable manner. Groups of chairs should be placed around each table ensuring there is still space left for people to walk around and meet each other.

@ The majority of the brigade on duty can be either serving drinks or clearing used items. The rest should be involved in the service of the food from the buffet and two or more chefs should be there to look after carving if any.

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