Monday, 11 December 2017


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In her Editor’s letter FEMINA’s Editor Tanya Chaitanya in the issue dated October 15th 2017 says “It was in 2004 that “Blog” was declared word of the year by Merriam-Webster. Of course, the first blog had debuted sometime in the late 90’s, but the early noughties saw blog appear left, right and centre on our computer screens.” She also stated that how she came to know about blogging as a career through her friend’s cousin. Why all these in FEMINA?  Because that issue was an ode to the bloggers.  Quiet a good recognition.

 FEMINA in her Big story has covered about 50 top bloggers, in the field of fashion, beauty &fitness, food, décor, art, women’s issues, poetry &literature, travel, music, and relationships. Almost all these bloggers started blogging as a hobby and it turned into a career with their “CONTENT RIGHT”.
Many of these bloggers not only write but also produce their content in various forms like video, photography, art &performances. FEMINA praised these bloggers saying that they inhabit Facebook, Insta, YouTube, Snapchat, & Pinterest. These bloggers had a fabulous chance to guest –edit the magazine. What more to ask for….?
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All these assert that blogosphere is on the top focus of many leading &established obvious is the attention that the bloggers can get.  
In the on line scale INDI BLOGGER is also conducting many paid projects and awards for bloggers in various categories. Likewise another online brand WOMEN”S WEB has recently organised a summit &an award programme titled ORANGE FLOWER AWARDS for bloggers and the most impressive is the award for the blogger who uses TWITTER as a best tool. Use technology in a wise way.

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Bloggers can create their own style and grab the attention. These are the few initiations and inspirations to seriously pursue blogging as a career. The world looks at bloggers as the best reviewers and personal friends whom they rely upon to know how to handle any trouble some situations or buying a new furnishing. Bloggers comments &contents play a vital role in the online business. The number of likes and followers is the special feature of the blogger next to his content.

Bloggers with their reach, influence and content rule the digital world. The voice of the bloggers are not only heard but also echoed in different forms. They need to bear more responsibility and caution before planting any idea or results. A career with a bonus of making your home a work place too, converting your passion as a career, your own set of timings and full rewards to you only. Keep blogging.

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