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PROMISES TO KEEP (selections from Jawaharlal Nehru) is a book  published by Panjab university in the year 1973. In the acknowledgement the panjab University thanks Mrs.Indira Gandhi for granting permission to this as she is the copy right holder of the writings of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru.
In the foreword, the then vice-chancellor of Panjab University shri Suraj Bhan, stated that ‘The anthology has been entitled PROMISE TO KEEP in order to remind the young generation that the vision of New India that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru saw, has yet to be translated into living and livable reality.
In the introduction, shri Satya pal anand sums up all the incidences of Nehru’s life, his two books, (Glimpses of world History and The Discovery of India) his way of connecting the past with the present, his prose style and definitely the Indian freedom struggle.
This book has about ten chapters subjects ranging from science, culture, history and politics to travelogues, diaries and letters.
MAINLY AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL is the title of the first chapter. It takes us through the childhood times of Nehru ji and also features several other aspects like “The dual influence”.
FATHER OF THE NATION is the second chapter which completely revolves around Bapu.
STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM AND JAIL LIFE is the heading of the third chapter which covers complete story of lathi charge and prison times.
INDIA, ANCIENT &MODERN is the fourth chapter with beautiful details of glorious India, and its unity in diversity.
TO THE INDIAN YOUTH is the fifth chapter is an absolute address to the youth of the nation to extend hands for a prosperous India. These are taken up from his speeches.
HUMANISM &LIBERAL OUTLOOK is the title of the sixth chapter with fine outlook on the religion, philosophy &humanity.
HISTORY,MYTH AND SCRIPTURES is the seventh chapter with wide notes on these topics.
SCIENCE is the topic of eighth chapter and the first extract in this chapter is from a letter he wrote to his daughter, Indira, from jail on July -13-1933.
TRAVELOGUES &LANDSCAPE is the ninth chapter brings forth his love for poetry, open air, for mountains and lakes and clouds and the sunset- for nature in its myriad manifestations.
 A TASK ACCOMPLISHED the last chapter concludes with the task accomplished concept and plans for further action.
These ten chapters are a must read for today’s generation which will show them the greater picture of our glorious past and will make them realize their due responsibility to up keep the pride of our nation. This will be a fitting tribute to Nehru’s ji on his birthday today. His faith on the youth of the nation should never be shattered &all the children should be made aware of his dreams &make sure to accomplish the task.
                                       HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY

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