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                                   image of bed making के लिए चित्र परिणाम
Night is the time to take rest after the day’s work.Good night’s sleep helps us to recover from tiredness &prepares us for the day ahead. Night's sleep is best ensured when the bed is properly laid.  Major benefits of sleep are:
*A good night’s sleep helps the brain function better.
*Sleep is also said to repair heart and blood vessels
*Studies have shown that people who sleep less are more likely to be obese.
*It is also said to help the skin recover after exposure to ultra violet light.
                           image of neatly laid bed के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Bed making is a task which requires little care &effort.
- The bed room itself should be clean &well ventilated. Air &light in the        day time keeps away the bad odour &dampness in the bed room.
- Paint the bed room with light colour paints. Small night lamp can be used     if needed. Have bed side switches for light, fan &AC.
- The size of the cot should be in proportionate with the size of the room &    it should provide space to move around. Never place the cot close to the    window.
- sleep placing the head in the east direction.
 - Before buying the cot &mattress ensure that they are suitable to  your     height &weight. 
- Many varieties of mattress are available in the market. Foam, coir or    blended ones and many customised options are also on the move. Ensure to   buy the one that is more comfortable &convenient.
- Pillows too should be of reasonable height &thickness. Make sure to place  your neck properly &the pillow should support your neck in the right  way.
- Dust your bed &pillow every day. Turn mattresses occasionally unless made of latex &plastic foam. Wash bed spread &pillow covers every now &then.
- Bed spread should be neatly laid &surplus bedding should be tucked in at the sides. Badly made bed can spoil the comfort of sleeping as well as the appearance of the room. Quilt is placed on the top of the bed spread.
-With these measures the bed is ready to offer a good night’s sleep.
Have a shower or drink a glass of warm milk, or listen to music or read a book –one of these are definite to bring a good night’s sleep.
                            image of bed, bedding & sleep के लिए चित्र परिणाम

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