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Leisure time is mostly used for hobbies. Reading books is one such. Magazines are also highly helpful in catering the need of reading short stories. Short stories are the best friends for one day reading whereas novels demand more time.
There are many books with short story collections written by an author &short story anthologies are also available where the unique blends of authors serve as a whole new variety of reading.

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 Many magazines in them carry short stories of both upcoming &famous authors. “Woman’s Era” – a popular magazine carries many informative articles on the subjects that revolve around woman’s life. Short stories were also included in that magazine. These 8 short stories with 8 soulful messages were with me from 90’s on wards when they were published.
** “DEAR MOTHER…” by Neela Subramaniam published in woman’s era in July 1994- This is a story about a lonely mother where her children are busy in their own lives in different cities.
**FOR A SISTER by Rukmini Parthasarathy published in Woman’s era in June 1993 - This short story covers in detail the beautiful relationship of a brother & a sister.
**DEAR MRS RAJAN by S.S. Kshatriya published in woman’s era in August 1992 focuses on a Need for a good friend &nice advice is emphasised in a simple way.
**THE GOLDEN HEART by Savithri Narayanan published in woman’s era in March 1994 is a story that presents before us the difficulties of a woman in a new city. Well narrated.
** THE SON by Romola Shanbhag published in Woman’s era in July 1994 is a very touching story. The love, the two sisters’ share with their brother turns the purpose of his visit &the whole story.
**TELLY TALES by Savithri Narayanan published in Woman’s era in July 1994 is a short story which almost every woman can relate to. It revolves around TV & cooking. A story with fine balance of work &entertainment
** A FAMILY FRIENDSHIP by Vernon Thomas published in Woman’s era in May 1993 is a short story of about two set of unallied friends and a cucumber sandwich. It is a humorous story.
** SUMMER OF 91 by Sheela Jaywant is published in Woman’s era in May 1993 is a must read for today’s teens. “How money can be spent in a useful way?” is well handled in this story.

These short stories leave a deeper impact on the readers and at times it compels to read it again &again. Though short stories, they aid us in the long way of life.  If you can get to read these short stories, never miss the chance. Definitely give it a try &you are sure to enjoy &remember it for ever. Thanks for the authors who created such cherishing stories for the readers.

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