Tuesday, 19 September 2017


When I hear somebody sigh, ‘’Life is hard”, I am always tempted to ask, “compared to what?” Sydney, J. Harris.
That’s why Captain Gopinath says “simply fly’’
“SIMPLY FLY’ – is an inspiring, interesting, invigorating &indeed a must read book. The title of the book is so apt. ’’SIMPLY FLY’’- a Deccan odyssey by captain Gopinath was published in 2009 by Harper Collins publishers India, a joint venture with The India Today Group. FOREWORD by our late president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam signifies that the book is going to take us on a high flight of learning experience.

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This book has received reviews from the many stalwarts of the entrepreneurial zone. Autobiography of Capt. G.R. Gopinath is a success story indicating the necessity for hard ship to conquer the Zenith. Creating India’s first and largest low cost airline is a notable contribution in the aviation sector &made the common man to afford a flight ticket.
 Born in 1951, in a remote village of Karnataka, Captain Gopinath had his schooling in Kannada medium &later joined NDA. In 1971 he was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army and served in the Bangladesh Liberation war. In May 2006 he was knighted with “Chevalier de la Legion d’ Honneur’’ & ‘’Laureate Award’’ in the Outstanding Global CEO category by Aviation Week, New York.
SIMPLY FLY carries with itself 13 chapters &each chapter takes off with a quote of a renowned personality from world over. Photographs of cherished memories, struggles, challenges & achievements were inserted in between the pages. In chapter V, I quote ‘Jakkur air field is a beautiful expanse of 250 acres. A chunk of land about sixty metres by sixty metres was carved out of the larger tract, and that became ours. The first thing we did was to pitch a tent and hired a security guard. I love tents. My school was run in tent, much of my army life was sent in tents, and on the farm, a tent was my first abode.” This shows that how Capt. Gopinath is a man of simple living and high thinking.
In chapter 8 “Captivating Events at Deccan Aviation” focusses on the countries like Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar& few other Indian states in their helicopter adventure trip.
Role of Newspapers, power of the journalists &Cartoon messages were discussed in the book &prominence of the same in India is gently handled.
The book concludes with Henry Mintzberg’s note on “Gopi’s farm’’. A book full of high quality story telling &worth reading for upcoming entrepreneurs

“There are two ways of meeting difficulties; you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them.” Phyllis Battome. Captain Gopinath did true justice to this quote.

Monday, 18 September 2017


                                                  IMAGE OF FLOWER ARRANGEMENT के लिए चित्र परिणाम
Flower arrangement is an art which was created and studied in Eastern countries from hundreds of years, but it is comparatively a recent development in the western world. This is not an art to be reserved only for a party or special occasions. A few flowers on the kitchen table can be as important in their own ways as a full scale party or dinner decoration. What is essential in flower arrangement is good design, right shape and colour. In a room, every piece of porcelain, each wall paper, curtain or cushion have their value and should be emphasised and harmonised with the general furnishings. In the same manner flower arrangement must be made considering each flower and leaf carefully chosen for size, shape, colour, all in relation to the surroundings
Flower arrangement is the art of organising flowers or other plant materials into compositions having harmony of form, colour and texture. Its purpose is to add colour to the clear life and beauty to the surroundings. It is known that the art of flower arrangement have existed ever since the 6th century. Japanese used to place the plant materials at first. This art is of a high degree
No one can cook without utensils or paint without a brush. It is the same way with flower arrangement. To be proficient one need tools, containers, holders &bases are the requirements.

                                 image of containers for flower arrangements के लिए चित्र परिणाम

CONTAINERS: Now a days almost any receptacle that holds water for flowers is termed as containers. Wine glasses, copper kettles, bottles, tins, baskets, converted lampstands, fruit dishes, cake stands, jugs, bowls and sliver ware etc, but not all of them are suitable for every room surroundings.
Tall upright glasses are generally accepted as being better choice for formal arrangement, while shallow dish is suitable for modern informal styles. It is most important that flowers should be suitable to the container.

                                    image of holders in flower arrangements के लिए चित्र परिणाम

HOLDERS: Holders are very important because it is impossible to make a well-designed picture with flowers, unless one uses some kind of holder to keep the flowers firmly in the place. For upright vases a piece of crumbled wire netting gives excellent support.
 A ‘’X’’ mesh is best for the general use. A pin holder underneath the wire gives best results. This method is good for wide tall containers.
Flower pin holders are essential & are available in many sizes &shapes & are used in shallow dishes. If the pin holder is topless it can be placed by half filling with sand or wet newspaper.

                                    image of bases in flower arrangement के लिए चित्र परिणाम

BASES: Bases are an important part of flower arrangement. They help in preserving the surfaces of the furniture, add colour, atmosphere and balance in many designs. Slices of wood can be used as bases.
Other tools include stiff wires for giving false stems to cones & Candle-cups. Strips of lead for adding to the back of tall containers
to give it weight. Lead wire is also used to bind several stems together.

There are four main styles of flower arrangements: Traditional or  mass, oriental or Japanese or EKABANA, modern &floating arrangement. Dry, miniature, diminutive, line, mass, line mass arrangements are some more varieties of flower arrangements.

There are certain principles to be followed while doing the flower arrangement. Line, colour, & texture are the major ones. Design, balance, scales, rhythm, transition, composition & focal points are the rest.

                                                     (to be continued.......)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Now first, as I shut the door,
I was alone
I n the new house; and the wind
Began to moan

Old at once was the house,
And I was old;
My ears were teased with the dread
Of what was foretold,

Nights of storm, days of mist, without end;
Sad days when the sun
Shone in vain: old grief’s and grief’s
Not yet begun.

All was foretold me; naught
Could I fore see;
But I learned how the wind would sound
After these things should be

Monday, 11 September 2017


BLOG-JAM is a bloggers meet organised by Avian-media & preethi kitchen appliances at Hyatt Regency, Chennai. Preethi kitchen appliances introduced their new product with a live demo &explained about its salient features. New preethi product is; Iconic wet grinder. The other  products on display were:
·       Preethi’s electric pressure cookers
·       Zodiac mixer grinder
·       Fuel saving – blu flame gas stove
"Archana’s kitchen" – blogger shared her blogging experience &encouraged new bloggers to bring out their best. Optimum utilisation of social media and community awareness are the key factors to promote or to expand blogs. Need to concentrate on the target audience is also emphasised.
Chef Uma Shankar Dhanapal shared his culinary journey with the assembled food bloggers. Detailing of the necessity to food styling, tips for food photography & menu engineering were discussed.
Benefits of attending blogger meets;
! Meeting fellow bloggers
! Interaction with field experts
! Free blogging tips
! Getting to know about new products in the market
! Chances for request for product reviews
! Exchange of blog URL with one another
! Awareness about activities in the blogosphere
! Entry to blogger clubs
! Hits to write new blog posts
! Provides ways to enter contests &competitions &win prizes.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


                                  image of 1st anniversary of my blog के लिए चित्र परिणाम
                                           IMAGE OF HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY के लिए चित्र परिणाम
                                     abraham lincoln's letter to his son's teacher poem के लिए चित्र परिणाम
He will have to learn, I know,
that all men are not just,
all men are not true.
But teach him also that
for every scoundrel there is a hero;
that for every selfish Politician,
there is a dedicated leader…
Teach him for every enemy
there is a friend,
Steer him away from envy,
if you can,
teach him the secret of
quiet laughter.
Let him learn early that
the bullies are the easiest to lick… Teach him, if you can,
the wonder of books…
But also give him quiet time
to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,
bees in the sun,
and the flowers on a green hillside.
In the school teach him
it is far honorable to fail
than to cheat…
Teach him to have faith
in his own ideas,
even if everyone tells him
they are wrong…
Teach him to be gentle
with gentle people,
and tough with the tough.
Try to give my son
the strength not to follow the crowd
when everyone is getting on the band wagon…
Teach him to listen to all men…
but teach him also to filter
all he hears on a screen of truth,
and take only the good
that comes through.
Teach him if you can,
how to laugh when he is sad…
Teach him there is no shame in tears,
Teach him to scoff at cynics
and to beware of too much sweetness…
Teach him to sell his brawn
and brain to the highest bidders
but never to put a price-tag
on his heart and soul.
Teach him to close his ears
to a howling mob
and to stand and fight
if he thinks he’s right.
Treat him gently,
but do not cuddle him,
because only the test
of fire makes fine steel.
Let him have the courage
to be impatient…
let him have the patience to be brave.
Teach him always
to have sublime faith in himself,
because then he will have
sublime faith in mankind.
This is a big order,
but see what you can do…
He is such a fine fellow,
my son!
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