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                                                image of the book cup of comfort के लिए इमेज परिणाम

A cup of comfort is a book of short stories with more than 50 short stories of varied authors. The book is edited by COLLEEN SELL and published by Adams media. Colleen sell has compiled nineteen volumes of the CUP OF COMFORT book series. She has also authored more than 100 other books, published dozens of magazine articles, and served as editor-in chief of two award winning magazines.
A CUP OF COMFORT-CLASSIC EDITION is a collection of timeless stories that warm your heart, lift your spirit, and enrich your life. These 50 short stories are best of their quality and style of writing. Each story has a message from the life experiences of the people around them or in their family. Authors from across the globe has contributed their unique works and made this book really a comfort book.
Teri Bayus’s  “ MIRACLE FISH” is a story giving sure hope &happiness even in the dark times. Reading this story offers a rare view and a different angel of a troubled situation.
Susanmarie Lamagna’s “LISTEN TO YOUR HEART” is a about the value of sharing not only one’s things but also of one’s self. The story revolves around the children in a classroom and their teacher.
All the 50 stories in this series are the real gems that will surely enrich our lives and values. Reading this cup of comfort will definitely energise and boost your thought process and you will be excelling in your action and words.
The title of the stories itself is so catchy that it will compel to read it soon and get to know the concept of the story. The few titles of the stories are: “Quiet courage”, “sing your song”,In the arms of grace”, and the “light of innocence”.

Tell your story in the next cup of comfort is the message the editor has left for the readers and for those who wish to contribute may visit the website

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