Monday, 7 November 2016


Flock of birds met in a marsh
Dusky breeze welcoming all
Sat on the branches of mangrove
Chirping, clattering on mighty matters.
Sharing nuts, grains, seeds and saplings
Teasing one another with colourful feathers
Discussing their flight and heights they cover
Lastly about a place to rest – their nest.
All young ones fear, mothers hugged with pain
All birds had tears, nature joined as rain
Night setting in with much fuss
Sparrows, Crows, Cuckoos, Mynahs in a mess.
Trees scarce and vanishing with widening
Kestrel nest is weaving grass on trees
Invested a lot of time and energy in building
Hearts tremble to see the broken nest.
Oh! Mother Nature! Create space to settle as stars
Or provide skills to swim like fish
Or make tall towers and light houses host nests

Or bless the trees with “nest” to never die.

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