Sunday, 9 October 2016


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     Teaching as a career is beneficial in two ways.  Career of a teacher gets stronger with teaching experience and they play a pivotal role in making the career of the student.  Knowledge is the only wealth that grows when we share.
     Teachers apart from taking lessons and checking home works, they lay foundation for the structure of the students’ career.  Discipline – the hard word which we get to hear and learn first from our teachers, strictly followed only at school rather than at home.  Teachers sow in us the pure seed of discipline with a mask of strict and rigid rules.  It may have created a sense of fear at that time, but as we grow, we realize the support and comfort we gain from being disciplined.
     Reaching school before assembly commences prompts us to be punctual.  Being exact in class work and assignments will help us to meet the project deadlines in future.  Concentrating in the lessons and writing observations in the practical class prepares us for meeting and group discussions in our jobs.
     These may be trivial examples, but they go a long way in moulding us for the future endeavours.  Teachers never expect any in return like costly wrist-watches or silver tumblers.  But they will feel more precious and adorned when their students exert discipline in their life and career.
     Starting from Kinder-garden Teacher who teaches A, B, C, D and rhymes to the Readers and Professors who make us to earn a degree, all teach moral values and ethics according to the age.  Get it right and implement it - that’s your tribute to teachers.

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