Monday, 17 October 2016


A shout is a care;  A slap is a care.
A hug is a care;  A pat is a care.
Fragile- handle with care.
“X”-  DANGER – is a sign of care.
Traffic signals- an act of care
Nursing a plant is a care.
Combing hair is a care.
Cow & calf is a breed of trust.
Eye lids are organs on guard.
Care is an armour; care is a weapon.
Together rain & thunder seems rough.
Flower & thorn is a real stuff.
Love & anger is a mix of tuff.
Care is unique in each species.
An eye on an atom defines millions.
Senses five are benign & groom their brood.
Senses six are rugged & rotten.
Off springs agony reaches peaks& features.
Call of the Lord for the humans.

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