Monday, 26 September 2016


One evening a thought struck
Like a sharp arrow on a tree trunk
The thought is to meet “my brother.”
No hope, no plan, no idea, no grief, no hate
Just like a boat which has lost his route
 Still wants to reach the place of his fate
A long search walk amidst tall trees
Seems each bending to wish us luck
Roaming around we found his cabin
My brother - tall and fair
But - dull  and frail
Hai! Said me - hai !said he
Few minutes of silence coated  him
Like a cloud covering the moon
Mute broke, talks flowed.  mist
Covered the mountains freezed
The image was clear but still a fear
A very humble and good natured - he
Shared his feelings and a vow to share
Gave a gift and a drink to sip
The way he mingled was so fair
The happiness was filled up to tip
Heavy to walk with loads of care
Promised to meet and to meet
With hope and happiness the days were good
Like a full moon always, the beauty needs no food
Many minutes turned into hours and days moved
He was nowhere to find, thoughts deemed and slowed
Made a call to recall his vow and to take a move
Turned up as a foe and expressed a wish to a show.
But upon all this he was dull and lethargic
No interest to live and love, always quite and prey
till a call, no way to come in the way of plum
Like a fruit which doesn’t ripe till the some
Make us feel sorry to made him a brother
Sometimes feel pity with his work and break                                                  
No use to trust and hope, he is like a child
With no sense of right and wrong, mild and wild
A prone to calm and cool, no thought to make
A good life, respect and love, keep up faith
Sure to lead and feed others with hope
To rest their feelings upon his sob.
But still we expect the “he” - to fly
Like a butterfly in the flowers of spring
Don’t let our hopes suppress in the string
Remember us, remember the vow and let our
Hope fill the lives, with glow of springs

And make us feel that our brother is a king.

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