Monday, 12 September 2016


The book Food and festivals   Germany is   a sincere attempt in a simple and interesting way.  ”Civilisation is founded on integrity of mind and heart   and action.” Pan Brown.  Germany is one such country.  Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe is famous for many of its Food and festivals. This book with many details about the traditional foods of Germany is very picturesque.   Food grains, fish, meat, Dairy product and vegetables are part of the German cuisine. German wines are known world- wide.
The information highlighted in the boxes adds more eagerness to the facts. Every region of Germany and every big city had its own special recipes. Ex. Frankfurter, a sausage from Frankfurt.  People from other parts of the world who settle down in Germany have introduced their own food like Turkish kebabs and Greek pita bread .The migrants not only introduced their food practices but they also celebrate their own festivals in Germany. Ex- ID- UL –FITR.   During Easter, Germans paint their Easter eggs with traditional patterns. It shows their creative talents .Among all the festivals in Germany- The day of German unity’’ has got more significance as it helped to travel between the two countries, many families and friends were united.
Carnival and ‘Crazy Days’ add pep to the lives of people in Germany. They go out into streets wearing face paint and costumes.  The month of December brings more joy and gaiety through St. Nicholas, on Dec 6, advent   and Christmas will follow it.  The Advent calendar gives the countdown and initiates to prepare for the events. Above all, Oktoberfest takes the lead among all the festivals, with the massive Ferrus--wheel, you can see the Germany’s highest mountain. Festivals bring people together, an occasion to celebrate and cherish, add more meaning to life.
Thanks to Mike Hirst.
*Baked apples are a popular autumn food around St. Martin’s day.
*The recipe of Christmas cookies is stated clearly.
*The method of preparation of dishes is also been given step by step in a pictorial form. It helps to learn more quickly.

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