Monday, 12 September 2016


This book is a friend, philosopher and guide to a fresher   in the field of freelancing. Both the Authors   were well established in their respective fields, inspite of their busy schedule they took time for the   upcoming writers and handed them a valuable methodology. This book is an aid – a lifebuoy- which solely aims to save   the amateur from drowning. The cover of the book inspires and makes to feel almost & always busy with the style of a type writer and a spectacle.  The book has received many reviews from stalwarts. It’s my ambitious effort to write a review about this book from a learner’s point of view. It has got 15 chapters; each in a progressive way. Craftsmanship is worth a worship.
‘’What do you do when things go wrong?’’ is the topic of chapter13. The tips to handle the troubleshoot situations is a right help indeed.  Eat the frog; disgusting as it sounds, this simple dictum advocated by motivational speaker Brian Tracy is a great way to boost your efficiency. It simply means- tackle the   hardest thing first.  This is from chapter 15- How do you maintain productivity and motivation? Climax in a fraction. More interestingly, on Appendix II- Pitches that worked is a must read. It testifies the style, language, pitch, presentation, nuances and a theory to be successful.
Both the Authors has shared their experiences as freelancers and provided a concrete path. ’Danger zones to watch out for in page 110; requires a vigilant action.  With a fix to become a freelance writer, concentrated read of this book, workout on the tips and make your dreams come true.  Enviable work by the duo. Right proportion of food served to the one who is on fast to become a freelance writer.
’ When a dog bites a man that is not a news, but when a man bites a dog that’s news ’’
   Message: Create variety.

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