Monday, 26 September 2016


Journey into an another Era
with many aims still raw
begins with a Jaunty January
into a heart throbing journey.

Flower in fine fields flow
into a stream and film of rows
It is the quite Freezy February
welcomes us with unique flowering.

Mutely comes the month Marching
with many multiple matters
of music, It is the Melodious March
exactly a nice tune played mutely.

Aspiring interest are adored
like a hill covered with lot of snowed
May the struggle rise it is Aiming April 
If you miss to aim, then no aspiring.

Metres high in the heat of feet
full of melons, mangoes and meat
definitely rare, its the Magic May
none other shower love in high metres.

Jotting the dates that went 
with the rest left for rent
Its the Juicy June
That’s, just to sip and jotting.

Jaded with full of work
nothing there to wonder
As it is the fine Joyful July
a month with loads jaded.

Attention! you're in the mids 
try to know the way it leads
surely it is lovely and a Attracting August
never to miss the way, have attention!!!

Smooth and slow, free and low
like a pure stream with no blow
busy with songs of Singing September
lovely song birds utter sweet and smooth.

Old is gold as goes a line 
often with many memories fine
still all goes well in Oddless October
as the gold move the new and the old.

Nature with all good and best
rest in a few places and others waste
As it's a Naughty November
changes everyone into a fine nature.

Down the end comes the dues
with all the do's  to be done in sue
as not to be away in Dreamy December
always to be correct through we come down.

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