Sunday 9 July 2023




Participating in the TBR challenge for the first time was a bookish resolution of this year. For this I choose to start with a minimum of two books per month and set the Reading Goals of 24 books for the year.


Got many Book Recommendations from the community and prepared the reading list at the start of the Reading Challenge.


With a love for reading habit the journey was smooth so far completing 13 books in the past six months.  Not much was done with regard to Genre exploration. I love reading non -fiction rather than fiction.

With other works and attention seeking activities Time management for reading playing a crucial role.

Participating in the Blog chatter’s book review program helped me to grab few books and added it to my TBR & presented book reviews too.

Being a part of book loving community is a huge advantage to complete TBR challenge by discovering new authors and their works.


 Luckily it was a diverse reading experience gained reading these:

*Brown Girls

*Rediscovering India

* Nanda Devi

*The Museum of the World

* Everyday Revolution

* Why can’t elephants be Red?

* Munni Monster

* Many Lives of MangalamPalli BalaMuraliKrishna

* Eating Less is making you Fat

* Chang your habits, Change your Life

* Humour with Mario Miranda

* An Odyssey of the Mind

* Ambapali

Among the above said 13 books 12 are hard copies, and 1 was an e book.  There are many ahead of me in the reader board inspiring me to read more.

Happy reading time to all participating in the #TBRChallenge 2023

(This blogpost is a part of BlogChatter's #TBRChallenge 2023)

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