Wednesday 27 November 2019


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ATM cum debit card is easy way of carrying cash in the form of a card. Its quite easy to shop any time with the help of this card. The following are the precautions we need to have while using the ATM cum debit card

·         Always the card needs to be handled carefully and if you miss it, ask the bank to block the same.

·         To make the card work properly during shopping, the function of the swipe  machine is very vital

·          The Need to remember the PIN, is essential to use the card. Correct PIN alone will help to pay your bills.

·         Maintaining sufficient balance will enable to get the maximum benefit of carrying the card during shopping.

·         The same card can be used in an ATM to withdraw cash using the same PIN

·         Never disclose the PIN to anyone.

·         Bank never asks for PIN, CVV or any OTP number as verification.

·          In an on line transaction using the card, the card number, date of expiry of the card, CVV and OTP are required to complete it successfully

·         While Working on Net Banking also be clear put your customer id, log in password, then transaction password and OTP.

·         Have your registered mobile number with you. You will receive the OTP in that number only.

·         Be aware and alert, enjoy the facilities offered by the banks.

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