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I am A failure…………….. By AkhilSharma

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Man’s Testament

Question not, but live and labour
Till yon goal be won,
Helping every feeble neighbour,
Seeking help from none;
Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand like stone,
Kindness in another’s trouble,
Courage in your own
                                                             Adam Lindsay Gordon.

I am A failure by Akhil sharma is a fictional biography .Akhil sharma deserves a hearty appreciation for his outstanding courage to fix such a title and write about the same in a incredibly phenomenal way.
Generally many autobiographies, biographies are written by famous personalities reflecting their life experiences, but to write about failures, requires a special inner strength and strategy.
The author is quite successful in penning this book with lots of messages and information and also conveyed in a nice way that failure can happen to anyone and it’s not particularly you – the only one suffering from the effect of failure. There are many in this world facing the same problem of Failure and the way we deal with it is different

‘’Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.  Ambrose Redmoon.

Apart from a prologue and epilogue, this book holds thirteen chapters, dealing with different aspects of Failure. I quote from page 202-“”We all always want to keep success close to our heart and our heart closed to any failure.”’ true behaviour of a simple human being. Want of success is neither a sin nor a crime and it is quite natural for a human being to hope for success in his life, but what‘s the hindrance? What to do and how to accept the failure and how to prepare oneself to face it? All these are the normal queries and answers to these depends on the perception of the individual. Here the author emphasizes to accept &face the Failure.

Akhil Sharma’s book carries varied &unique concepts of dealing with failures by an individual from his childhood days to his adult hood. At that juncture he says that “Childhood beliefs once formed are so strong that even today, I believe in it. hence started my life long struggle for success.””  So, please provide children the more, the better, and the best morals and values.

                    Impact of success &failure of a child on his parents :
“”my parents were even more happy than me. Being from a middle class, they were paying heavily for all my failures. For once, they thought that now my life was all settled and they needed not to worry any more. Believe me, the experience was not as sweet as they thought and they often felt like unemployed from the department of worry for their child.””

Learning English language and English communication skills over telephone are the notable point in the book about a language.
Hindi words like Ishq, mushk, aukaat , tedhu, rakshabandhan, char din, char log, and char baatein, khatiya, fata poster, nikala mentor, vasudaiv kutumbakam added fine touches here &there.

Caller id- in telephones, love poems, movie songs, telephone lines- private &social fixed lines, watching tv serials, inter school rivalry, dowry in the form of free call credits &study room table &chairs, dairy farm all these are the most prominent issues in those days, its effects in his life are cleared stated.  

Walking dust bin, dressed up like onions, friction is a funny paradox, smile of encouragement, lie build up & lie buster, ambitions are like elephant’s teeth, the ones for display and the real ones are amazing concepts dealt in the book.

“when I failed to get rid of my disability, I failed to consider it as one””,  His jaw dislocation reminded him of the famous MONALISA painting, where Mona Lisa’s expression changes if looked at from different angles. I am actually the living MONA LISA of God-Da- Vinci painter. The only difference is that the gender has reversed and the canvas is live.””  Puts forth the idea of acceptance &power.

“”If you started cheating in life, life will start cheating on you. Later he also realised
And felt good about being able to pass in the exam without cheating. This incident gave me the confidence to abandon cheating at all. “”  dictates Moral boost

‘’Little did we know that the more you hurry for success, the more the success hurries away.’’  Presents about Hope and failure

“”I believed that I was a dark horse, partly because of my capabilities and attitude and mostly because of my skin colour. Still that stable one never visited me in my stable.””   Thoughts on Expectations and failures, fight between heart &mind, dealing with weakness, differentiating motivation and inspiration, aspirations,  Intellect &courage, are purely structured for the readers to understand and proceed further.

“”Success not equal to our hopes”” by Shakespeare in Troilus and Cressida
The ample proposition, that hope makes
In all designs begun on earth below,
Fails in the promis’d largeness: checks and disasters
Grow in the veins of actions highest rear’d:
As knots, by the conflux of meeting sap,
Infect the sound pine, and divert his grain
Tortive and errant from his course of growth
(Received a copy of the book from the author in return to a honest review)

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