Sunday, 13 November 2016


Lead is an Anglo-saxon word, From Lead came the word LEADER. From class   leader to school pupil leader to team leader the task is to make others FOLLOW MY LEAD- the 3 most important words in the diaspora of Leadership.

The people who follow you or the group which follows have their own needs and values or can be called as needs of work groups. In his wide spectrum of duties and responsibilities, If a leader can pay a little attention to this part of activity the core of the team gets nourished yielding better results.

These needs can be seen as three overlapping needs.
1.      Task need
2.      Team maintenance needs
3.      Individual needs.

The task needs the work force to come into being because the task needs doing and cannot be done by one person alone. The task has needs because pressure is built up to achieve the common task, to avoid frustration in the people involved if they are prevented from completing it. People in this process expect the Leaders to support and stand by them.

The team maintenance needs are present because the creation, promotion and  retention of work group cohesiveness is essential on the “United we stand, divided we fall” principle. Regular and frequent sessions on the plus &minus of
 the working style of the people  helps to build the synergy of teamwork.

Leaders must respond to individuals and meet their needs. The physical ones are salaries, performance based hike adds boost and psychological ones are recognition, status, worthwhile duty or job, exchange or sharing in a working situation.

Leader with best Leadership qualities, skills and other characteristics too should focus on the above said needs , otherwise these lead to overlapping. Accomplished task- energizes the team and the persons involved. If team maintenance fails, performance deteriorates and individuals involved are dissatisfied. If individual needs are not fulfilled, the team and performance of the task will be afflicted.

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