Thursday, 7 November 2019


  Reading the Newspaper every day is a good habit which is sure to help you to enrich your knowledge. There are many Newspapers that come out every day with many news items covering from big to small events in and around the city and the worldwide. Many English daily and regional language papers are printed in our country. Preferences vary from state to state because of the language.

Apart from National, regional, International, and sports news, almost all the Newspapers carry a supplement with articles on diverse topics like cinema, Education, youth, health &fitness, business, property & real estate E t c. Apart from all these the NEWSPAPERS bring in :


Colouring and cartoons for children, SU DO KU and cross word puzzles for others

Events being organized in and around the city like music concerts, lec-dem, book launch and many more

Advertisements of property, matrimony, tender notice, obituary, job vacancies

Weather forecast, market rates of gold and sliver

Travel destinations are covered with full details along with the way to reach there.

Articles on various cuisines and recipes to try at home

Astrology, beauty tips, Doctor’s advice, reader’s reviews, opinion polls

These are the few I have tried to list out in our daily newspaper. There are many  weekly columns that carry special features. There is so much to read and learn from a newspaper. We all need to appreciate the reporters, special correspondents, editors for the tremendous efforts which bring us a new stuff to read every day.

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