Monday, 26 June 2017

SOUP - A sweet & Sour Sip


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Soup is a savoury liquid dish made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables in stock or water. Soups are served at the beginning of the meal.  Soups are prepared almost in every house hold. Health benefits of consuming soups are also familiar.  Fine whole some soups can be made in a great many varieties but only with good basic soup stocks; they require imagination, skill and patient labour. Must in the making of the soup are stock, milk, careful selection of all ingredients, slow boiling, careful skimming, and degreasing and proper straining.

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Soups are classified into two types;
·       Clear soups
·       Thick soups
Broth Soups come under clear soups- fish, beef, game, chicken. Clear soup need to be clear in the first instance and not clarified twice, each clarification meaning loss of strength.  
Indian; chicken consommé flavoured with curry powder, garnished with cubes of coconut royal and rice.

Three varieties of soups are there in the category of thick soups. They are * puree soups, * cream soups * velvet soups.

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Most puree soups may be transformed into cream or velvet soups if rice, potatoes, lentils or toast are replaced by cream sauce or velvet sauce.
Vegetable soups, poultry soups & game soups come under puree soups. Cream soup is the one in which thickening is made using the cream. Egg yolks &cream are used for thickening in the velvet soup.
African soup; curried chicken veloute’ blended with cream of rice, garnished with diced artichoke bottoms and egg plants.

Cold clear and thick soups; these are greatly appreciated on hot summer days and for supper party. the stock or broth for these soups must be made of first class material, well skimmed & degreased. Thick soups must always be well seasoned otherwise they will taste insipid when chilled, they ought to have the consistency of rich but not to thick cream.
Cream of tomato soup: under Cold thick soup: puree of raw fresh tomatoes boiled up with rich veal stock, thickened with arrow root diluted with cream, boiled for a few minutes. Seasoned, strained, chilled, mixed with cold tomato juice and finished off with heavy cream.

National, regional,& many miscellaneous soups are available.
 Nya yenn wo; Bird’s nest soup; rice cooked for hours in water with dries onion and dried orange peel. Soaked and cleaned bird’s nests, diced white chicken meat, Chinese sauce, salt and pepper added and cooked. Garnished with green onion sprouts and dried onion sprouts, served in bowls (CHINESE)

Hot & cold fruit & wine soups are mainly of German origin and very refreshing in summer time.

Wine soup; white wine and water, boiled with lemon peel and cinnamon for a few minutes, strained, sweetened with sugar, thickened with egg yolks and almond milk.

Monday, 19 June 2017


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Melody’s key is a Love story of Tegan (who is later, Named as Tegan Melody Lockwood) and Mason Keane. Both share same passion for Music & they write songs of their own & play piano, guitar with equal amount of interest. Mason a pop star of high acclaim & fan following comes to stay in the Lockwood manor maintained by Tegan’s family. Tegan’s hobbies like painting, drawing, reading, music & art fetches her the love-life.

“Good shepherd, tell this youth what ’tis to love,
It is to be all made of sighs and tears;-
It is to be all made of faith and service;-
It is to be all made of fantasy,
All made of passion, and all made of wishes;
All adoration, duty, and observance,
All humbleness, all patience, and impatience,
All purity, all trial, all observance”
(This from ACT V of Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare)

Author Dallas Coryell‘s Hero Mason sticks to the above said description of LOVE. Testimony to this comes in the form of returning the KEY to Tegan, Releasing their home from the Mortgage loan & handing it over to their parents & regaining the Tegan’s scholarship.

This novel focuses on the impact of financial crisis, which leads the entire family in the autumn season to work in various sphere to meet their ends. Author’s point about the debt, I quote “The debt has always been this evil beast, waiting in the shadows, forever stalking…. Waiting to strike and take everything away.”

Giving priority to the family is a special feature of this novel. Family that eats together, stays together is justified in a very fine tune. Tegan drops out of her education because of the family difficulties. Parents too don’t reveal their debts so as not to disturb their children’s lives. This shows the care & parenting expertise of Mr&Mrs. Lockwood.

Food & Music are part & parcel of this novel. Detailing the preparation of pancakes with different flavours & toppings fulfilling everyone’s needs is a noteworthy point. Music takes a prime place in the novel and songs too are pleasant to read. The Kiss, Blue oceans, Into You, Don’t say Good Bye, Soul of my Soul are the song in the novel.

Prominently, celebrities’ lives are thought as more lavishing & grand, never thought about their darker side, many misunderstanding envelope them & they lead more stressful life. Tegan was also in the same mind set like many people & felt happy to come out of the perspective, I quote “Tegan was grateful for the darkness and distraction of the walk, which allowed her to conceal the mist forming in her eyes.”  She gets clear about Mason.

Author Dallas Coryell is a musician living in Michigan, USA and his work ‘Melody’s key’ is a romantic fiction. KEY in this novel is a symbol of support, energy & positivity to the heroine Tegan. This key discloses her the earlier life of her grandparents, Letters are the major communication in those days, if not destroyed, they expose the secret. Likewise Tegan read those letters and came to know about their love life. Author is successful in bringing out the deep sense of love & sacrifice of violet Patterson.

Melody’s key opens up the Romance in Lymington in about 21 chapters and moves rhythmically with appropriate titles for each chapter.

(This Book Review is done on an email request from the Author)

Monday, 12 June 2017


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Child labour is a slaughter
Which seizes their laughter
They miss their tutors

Child labour is a process
In which they lose their progress
Child labour is a crime
But it became their prime

Child labour spoils the child
And they become wild

Child labour must be stopped
Tools must be dropped
And they must be topped.

A child should be a learner
But never be a labourer
And they should become learned

A child should be a literate
To change his fate
But never so late

To do now
Is to sow

The seed of awareness

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Maintenance of wooden Furniture

Normally in a house hold there are a variety of furniture basing on their requirements, tastes &pocket friendly nature. Wooden furniture are long lasting & are available from age old days. Many new forms & designs are attracting many & in turn find place in living rooms, bed rooms, Balcony & study rooms. Wooden Furniture is an  eco-friendly, easily cleaned & fits to any size & weight.

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Wooden furniture are made to order and mostly customised ones. Carvings are done for specific purpose furniture & are used for special occasions. Maintaining the wooden furniture with same shine &gloss like the new piece requires a simple, yet a strict procedure of Cleaning &polishing.

·       Spread the newspaper under the working surface.
·       Dust the piece of furniture properly
·       If there are many holes or cracks, fill it with beeswax
·       Cut the sand paper into small pieces and rub it over the surface into the direction of grains, until the required smoothness is achieved
·       Dust the surface thoroughly once again so that it is completely free from dust & sand particles.
·       Prepare a pad with cotton and muslin cloth into round shape.
·       Dip the pad into furniture polish and squeeze it completely to avoid patching.
·       Slowly apply over the surface into the direction of grains in the furniture & leave it for some time to dry.
Repeat the application till desired result is attained, i.e shine  and glossiness. 

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